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Against the wind to fly

Release date:2021-03-14

In 2020, faced with the severe and complex market situation and the severe impact of COVID-19 epidemic, most enterprises around the world will be impacted. At the same time, it also raises a question for all enterprises: how to deal with the complex and changing global market in the future and remain invincible in the increasingly fierce competition?There is only one answer: improve quality, reduce costs, and make lean production sustainable forever.

Born in distress, die in peace.Today, the labor cost in China is getting higher and higher, and the former labor advantage no longer exists, and our rubber manufacturing industry is still a labor-intensive industry, how to survive, how to develop, we dare not neglect the slightest.We have been thinking about how we can survive in the most expensive city in China, making the lowest value-added products.-- What we do is different from what others do.In order to be different from others, we continue to improve in all aspects.


1. Talent training

Talents are the cornerstone of an enterprise's progress and development. Without people, it is impossible to promote production according to the will.In the case of many enterprises downsizing, we actively recruit and cultivate talents.In addition to the current recruitment channels, we will brainstorm with various departments to identify more recruitment channels, such as industry information collection, contact and reserve of professional schools, etc., so as to recruit the personnel we need as soon as possible through various channels.According to the job requirements and the actual situation of the new employees, we develop a training plan, and train them to integrate into the team and corporate values and culture as soon as possible through a series of activities, such as one child per day, one training per day and internal training of the department.At the same time, in terms of experience accumulation, all departments and personnel have jointly established talent pool and recruitment experience set to promote the previous mode of technical experience accumulation to all work modules and accumulate all the experience to meet the challenges in the future.


In order to meet more challenges in the future, we plan to set up a research and development department to promote the company's technology improvement together with the technology department.The R&D department focuses on preparing ahead of time for future technologies, making reserves for the company's future projects and future technologies.The technical department focuses on the status quo, serves the site and current products, and improves product quality and customer satisfaction.In terms of customer needs, we should actively and quickly respond to meet customers' time schedule and quality requirements, actively participate in customer design, propose better and more reasonable plans to customers from the professional perspective of rubber products, and consider quality and cost together with customers in design.


2. System optimization

System is the rule of the operation of the company, we have been promoting the IATF16949, ISO9001 and other systems in the company's improvement and use.Last year we made major adjustments and subdivisions to our current system.Re-organized each process and all levels of documents for the process, so that our system is more operable, more conducive to the benefit of the site.

As we all know, many Japanese enterprises appear to have no system, in fact, Japanese enterprises have their own set of system based on the scene.In order to absorb the excellent management experience of various countries and enterprises, we once again analyzed the management methods of IATF, IS0, VDA, Toyota, Denso and other enterprises in detail, optimized our existing quality system, and at the same time integrated the management methods and requirements of Japanese enterprises into our system, so as to make the system more comprehensive.All the staff of the company participate in the improvement and optimization of the system, participate in the discussion, make full staff, sort out a clear management path and responsibilities, so that the system is no longer a matter of the management, but really under the understanding of all the staff to promote and operate, to ensure the system is fully implemented, to serve the enterprise.



3. Lean production

Lean production is continuously promoted to improve product quality, reduce waste and improve production efficiency.Profit = price-cost. Profit is the purpose of an enterprise. In order to make profit, we have two choices: one is to raise the price.In a market economy, this is no doubt a dead end.The other is to reduce the cost. In Toyota's lean thinking, what you need to do is to eliminate the waste in the cost.We have never stopped learning lean production since the early stage. Under the severe situation last year, we carried out "carpet rejection", equipment transformation and supplier integration and other projects.

The basis of lean production, so far we have stuck to it.In order to further carry out lean production, reduce waste, we set up a special project team to do "carpet rejection", the main purpose is from "people, machine, material, method, ring" all aspects of the thorough identification of abnormality, eliminate abnormality, all the hidden dangers are all identified, one by one to improve.The integration of suppliers last year was an optimization of our resources. Considering the quality, cost, transportation distance and inventory, we subdivided and managed the suppliers to ensure their advantages in quality and cost and meet the requirements of inventory decline.


The purpose of all the above is to continuously promote lean production, reduce waste in all aspects, and embed the concept of waste reduction into the hearts of everyone in the village, so that we can survive in this most expensive city.To eliminate waste has been doing, we will be different from others.


The market changes rapidly, no matter in good times or in bad, we can only face it positively, maintain our direction and get closer to the goal. Headwinds are more suitable for flying, and we need to make changes from ourselves in adversity. Only in this way can we find a suitable opportunity to fly.

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