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There is no limit to improvement

Release date:2021-02-28

With the Chinese New Year ringing in 2021, people in Zhengcun are welcoming the Chinese Year of the Ox.Reviewing the impact of COVID-19 on the year 2020, sales, production and delivery will be extremely challenging for FY2020.However, under the cooperative efforts of the people of Zhengcun, they overcame all kinds of difficulties and the performance of Zhengcun grew against the trend.These harvests cannot be separated from the continuous improvement of the site and the daily progress of the people in the village.

At the beginning of 2021, the new canteen of Zhengzheng Village was put into use.From the design scheme to the material selection, the new canteen took four months to realize the bright kitchen and bright stove. The area design and tool placement all reflect the lean thinking.Of course, in the use of the process, we are still constantly found to be able to improve the place, in the details of continuous optimization.


The relocation of the canteen also means the continuation of the first phase of the workshop "five into four", the second phase of the workshop "two into four", the transformation and upgrading of the office plant, the ERP paperless scanning system upgrade after another site upgrade and transformation project began ------ "rubber refining workshop upgrade and transformation".The upgrading design of the rubber refining workshop took more than a year. The layout of the equipment adhered to the concept of eliminating waste. Multiple rounds and multiple departments discussed and revised together, and the wisdom of all the staff was collected and the final draft was finalized.The automatic batching system will be imported to replace the original semi-automatic error-proof batching system;The glue cooling system was upgraded to add ice water machine system;Upgrade the dust removal system to improve the production environment.


In addition, the opening mill, three-roll calender, cold sheet mill and strip cutting machine will be added.The total investment of rubber refining line upgrade is 4.5 million yuan.Before the transformation of the rubber refining line, it is subject to the bottleneck of insufficient capacity of the opening mill, which affects the improvement of the production efficiency of the whole rubber refining workshop.After the new rubber refining line is upgraded, it will form a full-length assembly line from west to east, and the total production of rubber refining will be increased from 1500 tons/year to 2000 tons/year, and the Lead time of rubber refining will be shortened by 1/3.The use of automatic batching system and other new equipment not only improves the production efficiency of rubber refining, but also provides a guarantee for the stability of the quality of finished products, which lays the foundation for the production increase and efficiency improvement of the second part mold pressing.


2021, except for rubber mixing workshop upgraded to transformer room will also be upgraded, add 4 sets of injection equipment, is the village people will be adhering to the "suntory" concept, will be one of the three operating profits into new technology research and development and upgrade your site expanded reproduction, the continuous optimization of production environment, improve the production efficiency, improve market competitiveness, to provide customers with the most competitive products and services, striving forward.

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