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Carpet-type exception check

Release date:2021-02-06

Manufacturing enterprises have a major disease, is the abnormal production process.Every now and then, 5M1E will come out and make everyone confused.Solve and straighten out the abnormality in the production process, is the key point in the production management.

We also deeply realized that if there are too many abnormalities on site, stable production beat cannot be formed, and the requirements of lean improvement cannot be achieved, so that the purpose of greatly improving efficiency and various improvements cannot be achieved. Therefore, we need to carry out carpet investigation and treatment on the abnormalities on site.Transverse to the side, vertical to the end, the existing anomalies are thoroughly sorted out and remedied.

I. Principles of treatment:

Those that are easy to deal with first, those that have a big impact first, those that have a small impact first, and those that are difficult to deal with first.

II. Dimensions of processing:

The processing is carried out according to the dimensions of human, machine, material, method and ring, and the priority order is machine, ring, method, material and human.

The following focuses on the carpet exception handling process for equipment and molds.

First of all, an improvement team was established, the team leader and team members were set, and the completion time node of the rectification was scheduled.


Secondly, the standards for improving the investigation are determined.

Equipment standards: the same type of equipment should be the same, the same performance in different time periods, horizontal and vertical consistency.

Mold standard: to be restored to the state of the new mold, or part of the mold structure in the design of defects should be corrected.

Finally, according to the field investigation and previous abnormal records, the output of the problem list is formed, and the improvement plan and completion plan are formulated.

1, mould

The main existing problems of the company's existing molds were investigated and sorted out, the main abnormal phenomena that had a large impact on the site were identified, the reasons were analyzed, the countermeasures were formulated, and the rectification sequence was determined.

Give priority to check the important impact of mold temperature imbalance on products, measure and investigate the mold temperature used on the injection machine, and prepare to change to a three-point temperature control to ensure the temperature balance of the entire plane of the mold to the greatest extent.

A weekly statistical report on the completion of the project is made to form a chart output that clearly shows the total amount of tasks and the current progress:



2. equipment,

2.1 Rubber refining equipment

The relevant parameters of equipment, cooling system and operation precision that affect the rubber refining process are sorted out, and the standards and specific implementation methods are formulated.

Collect and compare the data of the set and measured roll distance of the mixer to eliminate the errors.


The discharge temperature of the main formula was recorded and detected. It was found that the temperature difference between different kinds of rubber was not significant. The median value, upper limit and lower limit were used to test the sulfur curve, and the difference between the data was small and did not affect the vulcanization


2.2 Molding equipment

It is mainly identified from two aspects of function recovery and function standardization.

Phase I equipment for temperature, flatness and vacuum inspection.The second phase of equipment is mainly from the temperature, flatness and feeding amount of inspection.

Decompose the plan to each equipment and each improvement category, mark the completion time of the plan, and report the completion status weekly according to the specific implementation situation.


Carpet-type abnormal investigation process before and after the transformation of the photo comparison:



Carpet-type abnormal investigation in full force at present, we hope that through the hard practice of internal work, can reduce the number of abnormal site, straighten out the production relations of each process, thereby achieving the purpose of further improving product quality and enhancing the efficiency of site operation.There is no limit to improvement, and now we are stepping over from the beginning. Through the infinite PDCA cycle, we accumulate over a long period of time and continue to improve, unconsciously reaching the sublimation from quantitative change to qualitative change.

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