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Carry on the past and forge ahead

Release date:2020-12-25

When the familiar Christmas tree, snowman doll, Christmas decoration box, etc. appear in the office hall, all are reminding us - Christmas is coming!It indicates that the year 2020 is about to pass, and the pace of 2021 is approaching.


At this moment of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new, looking back to 2020, the company will continue to improve, optimize the rules and regulations, and enhance the management ability.And through the concerted efforts of all colleagues, tireless pay, harvest joy, harvest success.Two of them will go down in the history of the company:

1. In June 2020, the company passed Denso audit and obtained one of the few A-level supplier qualifications of Denso;

2. In September 2020, the company passed the Toyota PHSAE1 audit, and in December, it passed the Toyota PHSAE2 audit, and finally obtained the global qualified supplier qualification of Toyota;

In the achievements at the same time, the company also deeply feel that quality is the life of the enterprise, in order to provide customers with better quality products, obtain customer trust, at the expense of increasing investment in equipment technical transformation, ordered a full automatic small material machine instead of the original semi-automatic small material machine.This device has:

1. Control and control of incoming barcode to prevent errors and misuse of raw materials;

2. High precision electronic scale, accurate measurement, ensure the accuracy of formula, improve product quality;

3. Complete batch record query, bar code record, recipe record in the process of execution and traceability of ingredients;

4. Receive the ERP work order from the superior, upload the data, and realize the integration with the enterprise management system;

5. Automatic operation reduces the labor intensity of operators and improves the working efficiency;

6. With dust collection function to keep the working environment clean;


The company not only introduced advanced production equipment, but also carried out a carpet investigation on the factors that affect the quality of "people, machine, material, environment, law", according to the reasonable priority order to improve.At the same time, the optimization and transformation project of the layout of the rubber refining workshop is also in progress.

In short, the company is striving to achieve the vision of "making due contributions to China's polymer industry by providing competitive products, becoming an industry model and a first-class supplier in the global supply chain".

In 2020, the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the company, 20 years of Yi Chunqiu, in its prime, 20 years of cultivation, fruitful, 20 years of growth, casting brand.In the coming year of 2021, Zhengcun is willing to carry on the past and forge ahead, and continue to struggle for the next twenty years!


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