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Lean supplier integration

Release date:2020-12-10

With the rapid development of the company's business, the number of suppliers is increasing year by year, and the management requirements of suppliers are getting higher and higher.In recent years, through continuous sorting and integration of suppliers, the management mode of two-week supply cycle for suppliers of Class A materials has been gradually formed.

I. By classifying materials and optimizing the procurement organization structure, the original single procurement module is divided into material procurement and factory procurement, so as to meet the fine management of suppliers.


II. Carding and analyzing the following problems for Class A suppliers to realize the resource integration of Class A material suppliers.Carry out large-scale procurement.

Procurement has changed from focusing only on cost to focusing on the comprehensive performance of excellent quality, excellent cost, accurate delivery and good service.In the past, multiple suppliers dispersed procurement, and the bargaining chips with suppliers were insufficient, and the total cost was usually high.Now we concentrate on purchasing from strategic suppliers, and the scale effect shows that we can get price advantage and have larger negotiation space on the payment payment days.At the same time, from the perspective of delivery and service, suppliers will give priority to strategic partners in terms of capacity allocation, supply guarantee, technical support and service to fully meet our needs.At present, the effect of some strategic suppliers is shown.

① Inventory reduction

Originally, purchasing only focused on the unit price and ignored the impact of other factors such as inventory on the whole product. In fact, inventory waste is the biggest waste among the seven major wastes.At present, through large-scale procurement from suppliers, the storage of class A raw materials has been reduced from one month to two weeks.


Note: D,M-M,P: D represents department,M-M represents monthly statistics and monthly report, and P represents process indicator

② arrive on time

With the meticulous management of suppliers, the company has realized the on-time delivery of A-class suppliers in half A day.



③ payment days optimization

Through the quantity reduction activities of suppliers, establish long-term strategic partnership with A-class suppliers, enhance mutual trust, and commit to long-term cooperation.Strategic suppliers offer us more favorable payment terms.


Supply chain is a link in the process of lean production. Reasonable supplier integration can not only bring stable supply of raw materials to enterprises, but also reduce procurement workload.At the same time, it can also promote the common development with excellent suppliers. When we need, suppliers can come forward and sacrifice short-term interests to obtain long-term win-win results.In turn, we also promote continuous improvement of suppliers, and have obtained better quality, lower price, more accurate delivery, better service, mutual benefit, to achieve a win-win situation.Add soft power to enterprise competition.

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